Lic: # 859811 - Class C-8, B & A  
+30 Years Experience
LA City certifications : SBE, SLB    D.I.R #1000045800

About RCW

Safety, experience, and quality are the foundation and of the utmost importance to us; we work every day to exceed our expectations and continue to grow. No job or task is too small, large or difficult, we work side by side with engineers and architects to design a solution and execute it as efficiently, cost effectively, and safely as possible.​

We at RCW Construction work for one basic principal - to enhance the quality of our work and to present the best and most convenient service to our clients. We aim to exceed your expectations, and by being proactive enough to solve any and all problems, in a fashion that will leave our clients compelled to recommend us above anyone else.
You can trust in us to remain organized in keeping any and all records of our interactions with you, as well as our engineers, architects, soils engineers, and city officials in order to keep you informed of all ongoing phases of the construction.

Hand excavation when access is limited. Heavy machinery can be used when space is ample.
Structural Work
Structural Concrete and Steel. The foundation of a building.

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Design - Engineering - Construction
The skeleton and support of a building. This is the strongest support outside of the foundation.
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