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Design - Engineering - Construction
LA City certifications : SBE, SLB    D.I.R #1000045800
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One of the rare times that space was not an issue, a drilling rig was brought in to drill soldier piles to be used as support once grading began. Once poured, a Bobcat and a Backhoe were brought in to grade the area and remove soil. While the area was being graded, the property was shored using the caissons and pressure treated lumber to make sure none of the surrounding houses or street would be undermined by the excavation. Once graded and properly shored, the foundation work began with typical footings, grade beams, and a structural slab. The plans called for a non‐contact splice for the wall steel and for it to penetrate the I beams that were set in the caissons. Ever the opportunist, we brought in our own trained welder and equipment, all CAL OSHA certified, and proceeded to torch access holes for the steel. Once the steel was ready, the walls were shotcrete and the final stage was ready to begin. A suspended structural slab was built using a suspended slab system consisting of scaffolding and well tied plywood. This was a little tricky as the room above was for a driveway and needed to be sloped accordingly for water. With a lot patience and careful review, the suspended slab was poured, our equipment was taken out and the framers had everything they needed to complete the project.

Lic: # 859811 - Class C-8, B & A  
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