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Design - Engineering - Construction
Lic: # 859811 - Class C-8, B & A  
+30 Years Experience
LA City certifications : SBE, SLB    D.I.R #1000045800
(818) 353-9066


A beautiful beachfront home that has been featured in architectural magazines and is a sight to see. One detail that made this job special was it was a "Zero Lot Line" house, meaning the house was to be built extremely close to the property line. First we brought in a bobcat to excavate away from the surrounding houses and street as to not undermine them and soil was removed at the same
time it was being excavated. The excavations were done in a "A‐B‐C" slot cutting method to leave support for the buildings while we shored the excavated area using pressure treated lumber. This process was used to work with the "Zero Lot Line" approach that was taken. Using the "A‐B‐C" slot cutting method was more time exhausting, but it was much more financially efficient. Typically with shoring soldier piles are drilled and poured to be used as support for your lagging, but when time is not of the essence, this type of slot cutting can help cut a big cost on projects. The walls were poured with dowels left to connect the future walls to them as well. Once all walls and shoring were complete, it was time to move on to the foundation slabs, driveway, and an elevator that was used to access the house from the garage. All trades worked coordinated and turned this project into an amazing house that has been featured in architectural
magazines. The process to do these types of projects can be slow, but the payoff is always big.

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