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+30 Years Experience

Design - Engineering - Construction

Laurel View

From the beginning there were many rumblings this project was "too difficult" and would not be able to be completed in a conventional way. A few of the obstacles presented were low hanging power and telephone lines, extremely limited access, and 26'-36' caissons with steel cages needing to be set by hand. After building a temporary road consisting of plywood and soil, we craned in a limited access drilling rig to the entrance of the property, walked the rig in, and proceeded to drill our caissons with no trouble. Not only was this time efficient, it was much more cost efficient for the home owners than hand excavating them. We then fabricated our steel cages and set them into the holes using a combination of our Roust-A-Bout and a Dayton rebar coupling system. The cages were placed one half at a time in order to avoid the power lines overhead. This eliminated another delay and rising cost as we did not require moving the power lines as a part of the job. We are very skilled and creative in tough spots, where some say "It's impossible!", we make it possible.