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One of the tougher jobs we have performed in the past 30 years. The work was conventional consisting of hand excavated piles with CAL OSHA certified shoring, grade beams, tie beams and tie beams. The unconventional part was the access, there was no way to work without some type of harness. We proceeded to build a temporary containment area and soil was used from a previous excavation we performed to creat a temporary platform. This platform became very vital to the project as the framing and welding trades used it and were able to complete their work with our help. As excavation passed 4 ft., air vents were used to provide cool air and oxygen to the workers. A shoring system compiled of steel posts and bases along with plywood were used to safely excavate the piles. The workspace was so limited, the steel cages for the caissons were fabricated in the caisson, working our way out, and was set to proper elevation using a chain hoist. The piles were poured 2 ft. below grade and a sonotube was used to pour the part of the caisson extending over grade. A hole was cut into the sonotube for the future tie beams and forms were built in air for the tie beams. Although limited access is typically a contractors nightmare, we invite the challenge.