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Design - Engineering - Construction
Lic: # 859811 - Class C-8, B & A  
+30 Years Experience
LA City certifications : SBE, SLB    D.I.R #1000045800
(818) 353-9066

Sierra Mar

With a quick drive by of the street, you will notice there are no pools on any of these hillside houses except one. After many months of not being able to find a contractor, the homeowner was referred to us and his problem was solved! The house was in rough shape and most of the work was going on the existing structure meaning supporting the structure while working on it was going to be vital to the project. The house is located on a very steep hillside so once again a temporary work area was built with access to the house and street through ladders so workers and city officials would be able to reach the work area safely. Caissons were hand dug following the proper CAL OSHA guidelines with shoring required every 4 ft. Air vents were once again used to provide oxygen and radios were used to keep constant communication with the workers at all times. It may seem like a lot of work but safety is our number one priority. The pool was shotcrete 30' below the house while an infinity edge finish was used to simulate a beautiful effect of water with no boundary. Now the owner of the only pool on the block, the satisfaction of seeing a client gush over the quality of the work we provide is always rewarding.

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